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    Founded in 1968 by Mr. Jim Zeug, Design Two Thousand Pty Ltd focused on Motor Controllers and Power Supplies. During the 1970’s, the company diversified into microprocessor-based systems and embedded systems design. This technology gave rise to a range of industrial process control equipment and telecommunication accessories.

    In the 1980’s we achieved huge success with our Sequential Timers for dust emission control, Telephone Apparatus Measuring systems, Telephone Call Diversion equipment that found its way into business premises and ultimately into most telephone exchanges across Australia, and Two-Way Radio/Telephone Interconnect for the mining, transportation and warehousing industries.

    In the 1990’s, Design 2000 was involved in ISDN Terminal Adaptors, Breath Alcohol Analysis equipment and Remote Exchange Testers for Telstra’s future mode of operation.

    Today, D2K continues to design and manufacture a wide range of communication equipment (radio, land-line, Bluetooth & Ethernet) plus electrical test instruments such as 240V testers, power factor meters and the Spark-e-mate electrical installation tester with its corresponding mobile logging App. D2K's customers include telecommunication carriers, carriage service providers, PABX vendors, radio communication suppliers, electrical wholesalers and energy utilities.

    We also welcome your Custom Design requirements.

    With over 50 years in the electronics and communications industry, D2K has an enviable reputation for innovative design, quality, dependability and product support. The company has full in-house design and manufacturing control certified to Quality Assurance Standard ISO9001.

    The company operates from its wholly-owned 12,000 square foot factory in Melbourne, Australia.