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Design 2000 Wins Contract to Manufacture Fixed Station Radio Terminals for new P25 Encrypted Radio Networks

Design 2000 has been manufacturing fixed station radio terminals for the Victorian Metropolitan Mobile Radio Network and the Western Australia Police Metropolitan Radio Network since 2005. Government utilities including Police, Ambulance, Fire and Emergency services in other Australian States are also migrating to new P25 encrypted networks.  Design 2000 was selected to design, manufacture and supply fixed station radio terminals for these new projects. The new terminals known as the RadioSTAR fixed station terminals house the new Motorola APX™ 6500 P25 Phase 2 radios.

Design 2000's production manager Will Zollo went on to say that "as well as incorporating all of the I/O features of previous models, the new RadioSTAR terminals are also Web-based, offering Government utilities secure statewide use and control of the radio's data features such as Status Messaging. Events could also be emailed." Managing Director Peter Zeug added "It's great to see the design and production of these units in Australia. Local people are benefiting from the work that the Government elected to keep here in our Country."