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VoltTree" to measure Customer Supply Voltages and Neutral Integrity

Australian Standard AS 4741 "Testing of connections to low voltage electricity networks " was published in 2010. Energy Utilities needed an instrument capable of reading 0 - 500V a.c. in accordance with the specification. Extensive R&D effort was spent examining and understanding the requirements of the spec, liaisons with users, finding suitable handheld enclosures and designing an intuitive user interface. The result was VoltTree to comply with the requirements of AS 4741 with the main criteria of:

1. LED Alerts of Green: 1-6V, Blue: 7-15V, Amber: 16-31V and Red: 33-500V with an accuracy of +1V, -0.
2. Self testing on power up.
3. Continuity test as well as Voltage test.
4. Testing Polarity and Neutral Integrity

VoltTree is currently on trial by several Energy Utilities.