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Telstra purchases additional Remote Exchange Testers from Design 2000 for testing TIPT, 4G LTE and NBN services

In the late 90's, as part of Telstra's Future Mode of Operation (FMO) which preceded their Data Mode of Operation (DMO), Telstra purchased thousands of Remote Exchange Testers from Design 2000. These replaced dedicated out-of-area test lines that were used on an ad-hoc basis to make test calls at remote locations from central locations. The move from out-of-area test lines to Remote Exchange Testers saved Telstra $6.8m annually. Their purpose was to test software updates and data changes, localise network faults and restore customer service from centralised (but still somewhat localised) Network Operations centres.
Over the last decade, present day and into the future, exactly the same arrangement applies but centralised at Telstra's Global Operations Centre (GOC) in Clayton, Victoria. With new and evolving technologies, Telstra’s centralised Fixed and Mobile Operations group require independent test equipment to test remote products and services, hence the move to deploy more of the reliable Design 2000 Remote Exchange Testers.